Baby Diaper Bag

#1 BEST SELLING DIAPER BAG 2018 - Travel Minimalist & Ready! 👶

This Diaper Travel Bag offers the most convenient and functional solution to your needs when you’re out of your home with your baby. Lightweight and comfortable to carry, spacious, and with the most conveniently designed and placed pockets, this diaper bag is a must-have for any mother!


  • Massive Storage Potential To Be Ready For All Scenarios
  • Quick & Easy Accessability To Allow For Rapid Response
  • Convenient Transportation Functionality (Backpack & Handbag)
  • Very Lightweight Making It A Simple & Reliable Travel Option
  • Modern & Minimalist Design For Style Points!

It's Time To Make Things Easier on Yourself...

This diaper bag has been voted by moms as the #1 diaper bag on the market, offering the perfect solution, functionality and style - with the best value for your money!


Having a diaper bag backpack that looks good and has all the convenient compartments is great. But isn’t it better to have the one that uses the best materials and is built to last?


Other bags may look similar, but only the Original Travel Diaper Bag is designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail - from the smallest stitch and button, to the main zippers and compartments - and with the highest quality of fabric, straps and clips, both inside and out, so that you can be sure your diaper bag will endure even the most extreme situations. And if you are somehow not satisfied with the quality, we'll refund you!



  • Large Main Compartment
    • Upper Side Pouches (4)
      • For Baby Food, Diapers, Extra Clothing, etc
    • Upper Back Zipper Pouch
      • For Personal Items/Hand Sanitizer/Chapstick/Deodorant/etc
    • A Massive Amount of Storage
      • For Everything Else!


  • Front Zipper Compartment
    • Insulated Bottle Pockets (3)
      • For Baby Bottles/Sunscreen/Water
    • Pouch
      • For Diapers/Formula/Other


  • Side Pockets
    • (Right) Extra Storage
      • For Teether Toys To Quickly Respond To A Crying Baby 🤫
    • (Left) Baby Wipes/Tissue Pocket
      • For Lightning Fast Access To Emergency Baby Wipes/Tissues


  • Back Pockets
    • (Upper) Zipper Compartment
      • For Securely Storing Personal Items (Wallet/Phone/etc)
    • (Lower) Zipper Compartment
      • For Access To Items At The Bottom of The Main Compartment So That You Don't Need To Take Everything Out To Get Items At The Bottom! 



You can use this bag as a stylish backpack and handbag. It is very elegant and suitable for many occasions like traveling, excursion, going out, shopping, etc. This diaper bag is made with high quality fabric that is extremely durable and waterproof, which makes it super easy to wipe clean! The backpack straps are comfortable to use without hurting your shoulders. This bag is guaranteed to make all parents' lives easier. 


Notice: As of July 2018, we decided to remove the branding from the front side of the bag due to a high volume of requests. The images displayed at the top are up-to-date images of the new and improved diaper travel bag! If you prefer the old version (with branding), please send us a message on our contact page, as we do have some left in stock.


  • Waterproof
  • SUPER Easy To Clean
  • Handbag Functionality
  • Anti-Theft Pocket Design
  • Stroller-Attachment Option
  • Metal Frame To Keep Main Open
  • Extremely Durable & High Quality
  • Very Comfortable Shoulder Straps